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Different Australian Vape Flavours That One Must Try

Different Australian Vape Flavours That One Must Try

While a few vapers might prefer unflavoured, most of them will pick a flavoured vape liquid.

Flavours form a significant part of vaping experience. Once someone sketches out the perfect composition, they start exploring flavours. Regardless of what they vape, they keep on looking for that flavour they’ll never fail off. 

With the growing vape community, several companies are coming up with different Australian E-liquid ranges. Thus, there are plenty of e-juice flavours to adopt from. The fact that vaping gives the freedom to get their nicotine and gratify their sweet tooth at the same time is loved by the Aussies.

Especially, for those who’ve recently quit smoking, tobacco flavoured e-cigarettes will give them a similar level of delight, while coupling it with other vape flavours

So here we are with a listicle of the best vape flavours in Australia that one must try.

Candy Flavours

Candies are now typically loved by adults for vaping. Flavours like blue razz, cotton candy, caramel have become a sweet tooth for adults. Candy flavours trigger childhood memories, while they relive all these collections with their e-juice. 

Some popular brands include Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum By Candy King E-liquid, Grape Drank On Ice by Ruthless Vapor, OG Bubba Gum by Bubble Gang E-liquid.


Dessert Flavours

That idea of having desserts after a meal can be implied when one is vaping. 

Moreover, to avoid calories or weight gain, dessert flavoured vape juices are the best. Even though most vapers start with a fruity taste, they eventually shift to dessert flavours. 

Some dessert flavours mostly used are ice cream, doughnuts, pies, custards, cookies and cheesecakes. And the list goes on. 

Popular brands in this category include Cinnamon Funnel Cake by Beard Vape Co, Killer Custard by Vapetasia E-juice, Churros and Icecream by One Up Vapor.  


Drink Flavours

There’s been a craze among e-liquid manufacturers about making beverage-flavoured e-juices. The most popular ones include strawberry, milk and coffee flavours. 

Apart from these, there are other popular vape flavours like mocktails, whiskey, soda, and tea. One can  find one flavour suited to any occasion if they’re still wondering. In fact, if anyone tries to eliminate coffee, dairy or alcohol from their diet, these flavours can help them do more than just eliminating the cravings for nicotine. 

Some popular brands include Double Espresso, Chocolate Vape Juice, Cola Blast, Pink Lemonade E-liquid by Vapetasia, Shake by Keep It 100 E-liquid and more. 


Cream Flavours

If the idea of fruit shakes deters one from focusing, then cream flavoured vapes are all they need. 

Nowadays, cream flavoured e-juices are quite in the hype. People are finding these more staples over other sweeteners. 

Banana Cream flavour, for instance, will leave a banana shake feeling after one vapes. Not only this, there are other flavours to cheer up their mood! The best part about cream flavoured e-juices is their blending capability. One can even mix them with other juices and enjoy them.

Some popular e-juices to consider are Milk Of The Poppy E-liquid By Vapetasia, The Raging Donut By Food Fighter Juice, French Vanilla By The Pancake House and more. 

If anyone loves milkshakes, they’re going to enjoy it when the cream tops their vaping toolkit. The flavour will leave them in perfect pairs with other vape flavours Australia. 


Food Flavours

Not just the sweeteners, there are popular food flavours in vaping as well. The most popular options include cereal and French toast, pancakes, waffles and much more. All these flavours can be added to your delightful vape!

Some popular e-juices from this category include Cereal Trip E-juice, 120 Cereal Pop E-juice By Mad Hatter Juice, Fruit Cereal By Mad Hatter, Vaper Treats E-juice Bundle. Thus, one can enjoy their favourite food anytime, just by vaping!

The immense list of flavours will go on. With so many at hand, the vapers are surely going to enjoy every moment while they vape. The companies in Australia are coming up with more innovative recipes to expand their customer base. With these have come forward, some local manufacturers who are helping retail businesses by producing and delivering quality e-liquids to their doors. Vendors like OEM e-liquid manufacturers are helping the local businesses by providing them bulk e-liquid supply just at wholesale prices!

Finding Quality e-juice in a market full of frauds can be hard, but if one can hook up with genuine dealers or vendors, they’re most probably going to have a good day! It is important to know that there are a lot of flavours being advertised out there, but not all are worth the buy. Ordering stuff from quality suppliers is the best option to make sure of their quality.

It might take some time to research and analyze the best flavours out there. But getting hands-on excellent quality products is still worth the time.

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