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How To Be A Vape Reseller Online

How To Be A Vape Reseller Online

Gone are the days when your favorite movie stars would inspire you to light up a Marlboro in style.

In a period of no less than 60 years or so, traditional smoking, like cigarettes and other mainstream tobacco products has taken a backseat across the cultural landscape. 


From schools to colleges, corners of streets, porches, and sidewalks, present before a newfound scene of puffing clouds, courtesy a range of flavored smokes. 


Yes! Vape juice or e-liquid has gained widespread recognition like never before. In the past few years, the industry has also witnessed a slew of vape reseller programs that are said to add value to several business owners.

This post offers a perspective into knowing the essentials before you can start your online vape reselling business. 


It's all about value addition 


Whether you are a pub or restaurant owner, or simply want to set up your own vape reselling business in Australia, bulk vape supplies are your go-to source. As a matter of fact, vape reselling is no less of an exciting business proposition that can make you a unique business seller in your area. 


All leading E juice suppliers in Australia present before a comprehensive vape reselling program, which comes with the promise of excellent customer support integral for resellers to succeed. 

When you sign up for an exclusive reseller program, you open yourself to an array of discounts, sales leads, promotional materials, and much more. A retailer is also provided with a dedicated account manager who can respond to the queries and solve them without a long waiting period. 


Know the basics right 

With vaping increasingly replacing traditional smoking, an online reseller program is bound to find success in the long term. 

The most widely accepted business types going into vape reselling include the following ; 


  • Online and retail vape shops 
  • Gift shops 
  • Internet cafes 
  • Convenience store
  • Restaurants, night clubs, lounges, casinos, and bars 
  • Retail and grocery chain stores 


Before you choose to sign up as a reseller, it is advised that you run a thorough check on the company's reputation and customer reviews.  


Also, ensure that the wholesaler company offers a variety of vape reseller products which will add variety to the objects you sell. Remember, while profit is your topmost concern like any other business, with vape selling you are also offering a chance for people to cut down on their smoking habits. E liquids have helped many people in the past to quit their excessive smoking habits and resort to a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco consumption. 


Next, in line, you want to be absolutely sure about the lead time that goes between an order placed in bulk and shipping made. 


While there are a majority of wholesale distributors who follow a same-day shipping model for small quantities, the case might be different for a larger stock ordered. 

Some might even have a minimum order value constraint which can be an issue when starting your reseller business. You will need to check that beforehand with the marketing team of the company.


Lastly, delivery timing is another major constraint and largely depends on the location of the wholesaler. 

The math is simple. If you don't receive your products on time, neither will your customers. As a vape seller, you will have to ensure that shipping issues don't pose a hindrance between you and your customer's order being fulfilled. 


Wrap up 

Undeniably, the vaping industry is tracing phenomenal growth. However, not all e-liquid suppliers operate equally. Thus, you will have to make informed choices and run good due diligence before you sign up as a vape seller.

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