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Free Shipping on all orders!!

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Broadside Mission Statement.......


Broadside is most commonly recognized as a nautical term; the simultaneous firing of all guns on one side of a ship and this is a beautiful representation for this device. This definition, however, is not the only meaning from which we derive our name. Creating a reliable, powerful, and safer device was our initial goal, but it has grown to be much more. During the Revolutionary War the people of the American colonies fighting for their independence came together and advocated for political change and freedom from British rule. Broadside was the most successful form of advocacy; printed posters throughout the streets of cities informed the public of the latest news, government proclamations, and public service announcements.

Our mission is to be a modern broadside; a moving form of advocacy. Every user is a soldier in a war being fought against overreaching regulations. Everyday we are fighting for our right to vape, fighting for a right to live a healthier lifestyle. We are the proof.

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