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Candy Factory | Wholesale

In the often chaotic and relentless modern world, it's not unusual that many of us reflect on far simpler times when playfulness, song, dance, art, expression and counter-cultural movements of love and unity seemed to invigorate ourselves and society at large.

Sounds a lot like the 60s and 70s, right? 

Some of you may have been lucky enough to live through the age of psychedelia, love, and freedom, others far younger - can only imagine and dream of such a fascinating decade!

Candy Factory is taking all of these cultural and social ideas, and visually, texturally, and - perhaps most importantlytastefully weaving them into a brand-new, Australian-made premium e-liquid brand. The bottle designs are striking, playful, and riddled with colour - not unlike the trippy screens behind a 1970s rock or disco group. So how best to push these ideals into flavour? Well, there was nothing quite like the long-lost local corner-store; something that we might now consider antique. Stacked with locally and handmade lollies, treats, magazines, and much more, down-the-road corner-stores seemed to be the guiding light for families in the area - certainly, their children. Candy Factory has decided to focus on some classic retro, delicious corner-store flavours first-and-foremost: the sometimes painfully delicious gobstopper, fizzy and tropical fruit punch, exploding apple lolliesmouthwatering lick-able fruit salad, and blueberry-smashed bubblegum!