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Introducing the GrindeROO Premium 2-Piece Biscuit Grinder - the revolutionary solution to grinding herb without the frustration of sticking. After months of development and testing, we've created a grinder that gives your herb the space it needs to breathe.

Say goodbye to traditional single chamber grinders that tend to stick. Our two-piece grinder features wider spacing between the teeth, allowing for better airflow and preventing frustrating clogs. We've also custom-fitted the teeth to be half the width of standard grinders, ensuring a shredding action that surpasses mere tearing and sticking.

With properly dried herb, you'll achieve a perfect, even chop in less than two rotations. Keep an eye on your grind as over-grinding can occur. Just a turn or two is all it takes to crush your herb without reducing it to dust.

Experience the difference with the GrindeROO Premium 2-Piece Biscuit Grinder and join the #crushitwiththeroo movement. Say hello to hassle-free grinding and enjoy the satisfaction of a perfectly shredded herb every time.