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Travel With Vape Essentials You Can't Ignore

Travel With Vape Essentials You Can't Ignore

Embarking on a journey, with all your vape essentials can be an adventure regardless of your vaping experience. The checklist might appear overwhelming so making sure you have all the supplies set up properly in your bag will also help in navigating the airport security protocols. 

Are you still feeling perplexed, what to carry and how to carry so you have all the vape essentials in place? 

Don't worry, travelers, we're here to help. In this post we'll guide you through the vape items for your trip and provide some clever travel tips to ensure a seamless experience, in the air.

Top Vape Essentials To Carry

Here are the top vape supplies you need to pack for your next trip:

vape supplies

A. Your vape device

Naturally, don't forget to bring your vape pen! Ensure that your pod system, mod, or disposable vape is safely packed in your carry-on luggage. Moreover, you must always use high quality vape equipment. When traveling, it can be annoying and inconvenient when your vape equipment malfunctions or breaks, but high-quality equipment is less likely to do these things.

B. E-liquid

e liquid

Remember to bring enough e-liquid with you on your trip. Make sure to bring 100ml or smaller bottles of e-liquid with you if you're flying. For convenient access, you can also carry a travel-sized e-liquid bottle in your pocket or handbag. Reputed e liquid manufacturers produce cleanroom ejuice to assure standardization of production quality. It prevents contamination and manufacturers using cleanroom technology in labs to produce the e liquid means they are adhering to strict standards of cleanliness and purity. So make sure you get the quality tested stuff with you. 

C. Extra coils

Coils can burn out very quickly, particularly if you vape a lot. Carrying an additional set of coils is a smart move in case you need to change them while traveling.

D. Batteries

Make sure you bring enough batteries for your trip if you plan to use a mod. If you want to keep your batteries charged while you're on the go, you can also bring a portable charger.

E. Charging cord

Charging cord

In order to keep your vaping device charged while traveling, don't forget to bring your charging cord.

F. Tools

Bring some basic tools, like wire cutters and a screwdriver, if you're using a rebuildable atomizer.

G. Travel case

vape case

When you're traveling, a travel case is a great way to keep all of your vape supplies organized and safe.

Tips for Traveling with Your Vape

  1. Check the vaping laws in your destination country

Vaping is strictly prohibited in some nations, and in others it is outright forbidden. To avoid any issues, it's crucial to research the vaping regulations in the nation where you plan to travel and locate a trustworthy vape distributor or retailers to buy your supplies from before you leave. Government websites and vaping advocacy groups have information about vaping laws across various countries.

  1. Pack your vape gear in your carry-on luggage. 

vape gear in your carry-on luggage

The best way to guard against your vape equipment getting misplaced or broken in transit is to do this. It is advisable to err on the side of caution and pack your vape supplies in your carry-on bag as airlines have different policies regarding what kinds of vape devices and accessories are allowed in checked luggage.

  1. Empty your tank before you fly. 

It's crucial to empty your vape tank before boarding an aircraft because variations in air pressure can lead to leaks. Disconnecting your tank from the mod and blowing out any leftover vapor will allow you to empty it. Emptying the tank is not necessary if you are using a pod system because these tanks are usually built-in and cannot be removed.

  1. Remove your batteries from your vape device. 

This safety measure is meant to avert fires. Most vape devices use lithium-ion batteries, which can be hazardous if not handled correctly. Just disconnect the tank from the mod and take out the battery door to take out the batteries from your vape. Put the batteries in a protective container, such as a battery case.

vape device

  1. Keep your vape gear clean and organized. 

This will increase the longevity of your vape supplies and facilitate finding what you need when traveling. Stow your vaporizer supplies in a padded bag or backpack, or in a travel case made especially for them. In order to avoid buildup and prolong the life of your vape coils, make sure to clean them on a regular basis.

  1. Pack enough e-liquid to last your entire trip. 

It is a smart idea to bring along some extra e-liquid in case. Most vape shops also sell e-liquid, but it's always advisable to be ready.


vape case

In conclusion, careful preparation and consideration of necessary items are needed when traveling with a vape. Always pack your vaporizer, e-liquid, extra coils, batteries, charging cable, and any other required tools in your carry-on luggage. You should also be aware of any local regulations regarding vaping. Keeping your e-liquid clean is crucial for safety, and make sure you have enough for the duration of your trip. By following these pointers and packing the necessary supplies, you can enjoy vaping on the go.

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