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Alkymia E-Juices


No Artificial Flavours. Just pure Organic vape juice.

Why Organic? It means our e-juices are bursting with the full natural flavour of the real hand-picked article, free from pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, GMO's or any other nasties that simply don't belong in vape juice.

We treat our flavour blending with the same passion a gourmet chef gives to their culinary creations.
​Not only do we source the freshest Organic extracts from integral suppliers, we also use Certified Organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine as our base. Not many e-liquid vendors can claim the same!


Synthetic flavours are not necessarily 'bad', but they lack the fullness and authenticity of real natural extracts. With chemical flavours dominating the e-liquid market the quality is often of a high standard, however, it can never match the real thing. A natural flavour profile is a very complex mixture and near impossible to replicate, most often just the main chemical responsible for the overall flavour is chosen and synthesized. Basically, artificial flavours are cheaper to make and not nearly as realistic.