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Kendo Cotton | Wholesale

After various testing processes and experiments by hardcore vapers, this organic vape cotton is proven to be the best quality vaping cotton you can get. This cotton is proven to be heat-resistant as it will not burn easily like other cotton does.

You can now do long pulls at high wattages without your cotton going dry as Kendo Vape Cotton has 2x better e-juice absorption.

Vapers do not have to replace the old cotton with a new cotton in order to change flavour because Kendo Vape Cotton has low flavour retention which allow vapers to change flavour easily.

Fed up changing cotton frequently? Don’t worry as Kendo cotton will last 2x longer than any other cotton! (Proven by vapers!)

Kendo Vape Cotton is 100% unbleached and tasteless. Thus, you will not taste any cotton taste as there is no bleaching agent being used in this organic vape cotton.

100% Japanese Organic Cotton




2 x Better Absorption

2 x Longer Lasting

Pesticide Free

Low Flavour Retention

Ready to use

No Boiling Needed

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