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In the year 2021, the Japanese military commissioned the Genesis research project in partnership with the Natomi Corporation, intending to create the worlds first super soldiers. This team of scientists was comprised of a multitude of scientific backgrounds, including one of Japans most promising Bio-Organic engineers, Dr Hideshi Amari, renowned for his breakthroughs in medicine.
Hideshi’s daughter, Tenshi, had been diagnosed with an aggressive degenerative disease at just 8 years old that was slowly robbing her of her movement and quality of life, making her a prisoner in her own body. Refusing to accept the cruel looming fate of his daughter's condition, Hideshi dedicated his life to finding a cure.
As the research started to progress, he began to see similarities between the amplifying properties of the serum and the healing characteristics he was pursuing a cure for his daughter's condition.
Tenshi began to deteriorate further and her life seemed to be hanging in the balance. In a desperate attempt to save his daughter's life, Hideshi stole the Genesis serum and injected his daughter with the formula, praying it would work. 12 hours later, she awoke to her father's amazement and stumbled out of the bed she had been bound too for so long. Finding her feet, her disease seemed to not only be completed cured, but she also seemed stronger, faster and more intelligent than she once was, exhibiting all the qualities of the Genesis super soldiers. The celebration is cut short however when later that day she began to become lethargic, before collapsing to the floor and regressing to her former state.
As a result, Hideshi secretly shifted his focus to reformulating the serum to work specifically with his daughters DNA to completely stabilise her condition permanently. In the meantime, he modified the Genesis serum into a batch of daily doses that would allow her to regain her quality of life and enable her to assist him with the development. Hideshi placed a strict curfew on his daughter,
Hideshi placed a strict curfew on his daughter, not allowing her to leave the house or interact with anyone as he can not risk the military finding out the serum has worked as he fears she would be condemned to live as a test subject which he deems as a fate worse than death. Over the next 5 years, Hideshi began to train his daughter as his understudy, teaching her everything he knew about science and medicine. He implemented a strict training regime of mixed martial arts and swordsmanship so she could not only hone her superior strength, speed and intelligence but also learn respect for the power that she had come to possess.
Frustrated with the confinement of the same 4 walls, Tenshi began to sneak out onto the streets of Sagoya under the cover of night unknown to her father, to explore the city and what the world had to offer beyond the confines of her house.
She began to make friends and started to become complacent with the situation, attracting attention from people familiar with the Amari family and her condition. One night she became involved in an altercation where she used her skills and abilities to stop the robbery of a helpless civilian. Hideshi’s worst fears were realised when the military and the leaders of the Genesis project showed up at his door one day after surveying his daughters twilight antics, demanding answers on her miraculous recovery, all the evidence pointing towards successful utilisation of the Genesis serum. The military demanded to take Tenshi into their care for extensive research and testing. Hideshi refused and was killed in cold blood by the very people he has been working for. Able to fight off the remaining soldiers, Tenshi managed to escape capture. Hours later she returned home emotional to discover her house has been ransacked, her father's research taken and any trace of the Genesis serum gone.
She was forced to relocate for her safety and set about producing her own medicine to maintain her powers as she vows to avenge her father's death.
100 years later, Tenshi has discovered that surplus to the heightened abilities, the serum has slowed the ageing process, if not stopped it altogether, rendering her practically immortal. Over the last century, she has honed her skills to the point of mastery and has become a high-level bounty hunter, battling the crime lords and criminals of Neo-Sagoya whilst pursuing her vendetta against the Natomi Corporation…
The power... in the mist.

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