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Free Shipping on all orders!!
Free Shipping on all orders!!

East Coast | Tobacco

East Coast put their heads together and see if they could level-up the tobacco blends game! With so many styles of tobacco blends on the market, East Coast has decided to focus on the most important qualities of any good tobacco e-liquid: how full-bodied, aromatic, and, for the menthol loverscool and icy the finish can be. The end result is just three reasonably simple, but rich and authentic tobacco blends - once more, showing customers and stores Australia-wide that it's not the complexity of different ingredients that matter, it's getting the true and important fundamentals right from the very start. These are truly delicious. And who knows? From the success of all these ranges, East Coast might dabble a little in more quirky styles for those that do crazier blends! This range is perfect for those looking to vape authentic tobacco flavours, and especially more recent cigarette quitters!