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East Coast | Coastal Fruits | Passionfruit, Peach, and Yuzu | 100ml | Wholesale

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From the beginning, East Coast's mission has been to transform the global e-liquid industry by making it more stylishly marketable with brilliant, and yet unassuming and earthy colour choices, and, more importantly, incredibly tasteful and rich flavour blends, using only the best internationally sourced ingredients.

Plucked, ripened passionfruits meet the deliciously juicey summer mangoes, and... Yuzu? Yuzu is a citrus fruit most commonly used and found in East Asia where the cuisine typically demands it's rind and juice in dishes. Similar to lemon, Yuzu is often used to balance or garnish dishes and drinks with it's citrusy body, yet shines through in a more unique, and inexplicable way (often used in Doritos flavouring!). Enjoy!