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Tronian | Omegatron | Wholesale

by Tronian
inc GST
| $249.95 inc GST

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The Tronian Omegatron represents a notable addition to the Vapor Cup market, offering a user-friendly system that ensures flavorful vapor. Distinguished by its streamlined design, this Vapor Cup sets itself apart by eliminating the need for intricate touch buttons. Instead, it employs a straightforward approach, allowing for effortless operation.

The heating chamber, equipped with a specialized Glass Core, facilitates the transformation of solid wax into vapor with remarkable consistency through minuscule apertures, resulting in a consistently delightful vapor experience. Furthermore, the Omegatron boasts compatibility with 510 threads, ensuring convenient maintenance and seamless transitions between various solid concentrates.

For those seeking a personalized touch, the cup can be enhanced by incorporating elements such as citrus peels or herbs, enabling a customized flavor profile. With these impressive attributes, the Omegatron guarantees an exceptional vaporizing experience that is both user-friendly and yields superior-quality vapor.