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Zeus | Purify Grime Kit | Wholesale

by Zeus

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Developed as a more portable or more ready-to-use alternative to the ZEUS Purify Cleaning Kit, the ZEUS Purify Grime Kit forgoes the bottle of cleaning solution and instead focuses on ready-to-use and portable cleaning solutions to maintain your vaporizer on the go.

The ZEUS Purify Grime Kit doubles down on almost everything. It offers 40 Zeus Purify Grime Wipes, a whopping 80 Zeus Purify Grime Sticks, and introduces the all-new Zeus Purify Grime Wipe XL which is designed and formulated to quickly and easily clean larger surfaces and parts with a single XL wipe (no need to use multiple small wipes to clean your large water rig!).


The Grime Kit is designed to effectively remove grime and build-up while still remaining gentle on your precious vaporizer parts and components. For users that regularly use glass pieces in their sessions, we recommend the Zeus Purify Cleaning kit, which offers a solution specifically made for glass products.



  •  Glass, ceramic, and plastic vaporizer components


ZEUS Purify Grime Kit Package Contents:

  • 40 x ZEUS Purify Grime Wipes
  • 40 x ZEUS Purify Grime Wipes XL
  • 80 x ZEUS Purify Grime Sticks