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Zeus | Xtruder | Wholesale

by Zeus

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Designed to easily grind and load dry herb directly into Zeus ArcPods for a mess-free experience, the Zeus Xtruder makes dry herb preparation a breeze even for the newest of users; a standard for 3rd generation vaporizers.

Once the ArcPod is filled, the Xtruder is designed to eject the pod from the bottom of the device. 

For best results it is recommended to use dry herb that has been stored at ≤58% humidity for the fastest and most consistent grind possible.

The Xtruder can also be used to pack your other favorite vaporizers and pieces. Simply use the Xtruder without the ArcPod cap to load anything anywhere!

Using the Xtruder:

  1. Remove Zeus ArcPod Cap at the bottom of the Xtruder and place ArcPod.
  2. Place Cap with ArcPod back onto the Xtruder
  3. Remove top of the Xtruder and fill it with your desired herb.
  4. Place top back onto the Xtruder and begin grinding
  5. For best results it is recommended to grind 3 times clockwise, 1 time counterclockwise until ArcPod is filled. 
  6. Once the ArcPod is filled, it will automically eject from the Xtruder. Place a lid onto the ArcPod and enjoy. 

What's in the Box:

  • 1 x Zeus Xtruder
  • 1 x Zeus Xtruder Manual